at four years old, the only thing i knew about ballet was that i wanted to take lessons. i wanted to be just like the olympians and my neighborhood friend. from that early beginning, i took the pursuit of ballet very seriously. taking ballet was not about getting to wear pink or a tutu. i did not decorate my room in all things ballet (though in retrospect a few pictures of the greats might have inspired a little more strengthening and stretching at home).  dancing was a gift to be explored and a talent to be honed. it was my extra-curricular activity, my sport, art, and act of worship. and, it was for a season.  

so i thought. when i found myself facing the end of my dancing years, i realized how sad i would be to see them go. i needed to hang on and to do so meant finding a role for dance to fill long in to the future. with age, i began to extend a bit of grace to myself, letting the process take the lead over perfection. i now find teaching ballet a beautiful change of pace in my weekly activities, and opportunities to choreograph  encourage me beyond expectation.

this is yet another medium by which i communicate a concept or tell a story.


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