p and c. wedding photos. athens, georgia.

they began as fellow conference attendees years ago, became fast friends who grew closer over the years, and are now husband and wife. it’s not surprising when you know how their values in life and hopes for the world align. and, i will not be surprised when this couple has a profound effect on those they serve in the journey ahead.

to celebrate the beginning of that journey and document the start of their married life was so much fun. it was a family affair, welcoming and hospitable in every way, and i am so grateful for the invitation to experience the environment and the day.

i am indebted to my friend lauren kelly of something blue events in memphis, tn for connecting me to this sweet couple and their family and friends.

LISTEN: “the sweetest thing” by jj grey and mofro
VISIT: athens, ga (by way of atlanta’s ikea, trader joe’s, south city kitchen, and highland bakery)


a and n. wedding preparations. birmingham, alabama.

a year ago, my friends made a covenant with one another. i caught myself replaying memories like a favorite movie as i browsed the photographs of the weekend activities. though my role that day was bridesmaid, i couldn’t help but have my camera at hand when the bridal party and friends made ourselves at home in the salon.

LISTEN: “the way you make me feel” by michael jackson
VISIT: your friends


happy anniversary friends!

the send off. favorite moments. wedding photos.

over the years of attending weddings – as a guest, bridal party member, or photographer – i find myself looking intently forward to certain moments. they are often my favorite to capture. and this is one of my very favorites. i find myself empathizing with the bride and groom, feeling the rush of celebration. i think of their relief in being married, the event concluded, and the excitement of the next chapter. what a moment to wish them good and love and joy and peace and, of course, much needed rest.

LISTEN: “come away with me” by norah jones
VISIT: your favorite place of rest

l and l. wedding photos. orange beach, alabama.

i was ten years old, the oldest of 6 grandchildren, and the only girl of the lot, when this dear cousin was born. i was thrilled to have another girl in the family. people probably doubt we are related (just like they doubt our mothers are sisters), but our differences have never kept us from making each other laugh wildly or from loving each other deeply. when the man she loves asked her to marry him, i practically ran them off the road on the way home from his proposal. i forced them to stop in a parking lot where i could congratulate them in person. 

the day in may finally arrived, and the weather threatened to move the whole event inside. we awoke the morning of the ceremony to a good gift –  a beautifully cool, and windy, day on alabama’s shores. i am thrilled to have welcomed yet another to the family.  

LISTEN: “forever like that” by ben rector
VISIT: gulf shores/orange beach, alabama

k and a. wedding photos. gadsden, alabama.

after a really fun engagement session in birmingham, this bride asked me to photograph the wedding as well. how could i say no? the beautiful weather was yet another blessing on the founding of this family. thank you to you both and to your families for letting me be a part of such a celebration!

LISTEN: “hung the moon” by drew holcomb and the neighbors
VISIT: rainbow manor wedding chapel and gadsden, al