baby lk. family photos. birmingham, alabama.

such a privilege to welcome this little one to the bright and beautiful world! little l, your precious parents have created a too-cool nursery for you to call home and filled it to the brim with the warmth of love. you’ll be surrounded by it wherever you go.

LISTEN: “here comes the sun” by the beatles
VISIT: any new parents you know – take a dish or let them nap


prom 2011. friend photos. birmingham, alabama.

dear prom,

i love that you give us an occasion to see students dressed to the nines and ready to dance the night away. it makes me wish we did so more often. besides, i’m a glutton for traditions, and you are certainly one of them. for all the fun and excitement and corsages, do try not to let things get out of hand what with the inflated expectations and potential reckless decisions. remind them that prom is fun, but not the apex of life. the imperfect will one day make a pretty great story, and this night too shall pass be it the best or the worst. most importantly, tell them they are beautiful and life is worth celebrating.

…oh and that their pictures can be fun!


LISTEN: “don’t stop believin’” by journey (because it has to have been played at most proms for over 30 years and you should brush up on the lyrics so you can sing along.)
VISIT: birmingham botanical gardens

a and n. wedding preparations. birmingham, alabama.

a year ago, my friends made a covenant with one another. i caught myself replaying memories like a favorite movie as i browsed the photographs of the weekend activities. though my role that day was bridesmaid, i couldn’t help but have my camera at hand when the bridal party and friends made ourselves at home in the salon.

LISTEN: “the way you make me feel” by michael jackson
VISIT: your friends


happy anniversary friends!

m and l and a. friend photos. birmingham, alabama.

these three ladies spent a summer walking together through tumult and transition, the kind that changes you. before their diaspora, they wanted mementos of that important time. since we were marking a time in a journey, why not mark it beside train tracks.

LISTEN: “stop this train” by john mayer
VISIT: railroad park

c cousins. family photos. birmingham, alabama.

the start of fall fell this past weekend. pumpkin spice everything has already been enthusiastically embraced by consumers everywhere and soon, if not already, mums will adorn your neighbors’ thresholds.  for me, each season brings something to look forward to. autumn is the season of reds and oranges giving green a sabbatical, a scarf (or twenty) adding variation to my wardrobe, and easily productive and restful saturdays thanks to the rest of this world’s preoccupation with college football.  this season is also a prime time for taking pictures. mild temperatures and beautiful backdrops abound.

i was reminded of a short afternoon session about this time of year with some sweet cousins. these children have grown more than i know since our time at the birmingham botanical gardens. i hope that these photos now serve their ongoing purpose – to remind us to remember.

LISTEN: “september” by earth, wind, & fire
VISIT: birmingham botanical gardens

fashionplate cheapskate. fashion blog photos. birmingham, alabama.

my friend has a fashion and design blog. sometimes we work together and get to be creative with her photo shoots. this one was inspired by superheroes, sydney bristow, and the lightrails installation near railroad park. visit the post on her site for more: fashionplate cheapskate.

LISTEN: “remnants” by my morning jacket
VISIT: lightrails by bill fitzgibbons