prom 2011. friend photos. birmingham, alabama.

dear prom,

i love that you give us an occasion to see students dressed to the nines and ready to dance the night away. it makes me wish we did so more often. besides, i’m a glutton for traditions, and you are certainly one of them. for all the fun and excitement and corsages, do try not to let things get out of hand what with the inflated expectations and potential reckless decisions. remind them that prom is fun, but not the apex of life. the imperfect will one day make a pretty great story, and this night too shall pass be it the best or the worst. most importantly, tell them they are beautiful and life is worth celebrating.

…oh and that their pictures can be fun!


LISTEN: “don’t stop believin’” by journey (because it has to have been played at most proms for over 30 years and you should brush up on the lyrics so you can sing along.)
VISIT: birmingham botanical gardens


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